Questions about Bill Pay?

Bill Pay is a feature within our Online Banking Platform and Mobile App that allows members to pay their bills via our platform.

Instead of writing a check and sending it in the mail, you can simply use your computer or smartphone and make the payment online.

You can set up one-time payments, schedule future payments or create recurring payments from your checking or Money Market Account.

Bill Pay is best for third-party payments. Use our "Transfers" feature for Direct Federal loan payments.



I have never used Bill Pay before, how do I register?

You do not need to register. Simply click on the Bill Pay widget within Online Banking or your Mobile App. Bill Pay is available to any member who has a Checking or Money Market Account with Direct. Note: Your email and mailing address must be on file within Online Banking. This information is available under Settings.

Where do I access Bill Pay?

In Online Banking, Bill Pay can be found on the left-hand navigation. Within our Mobile App, it can be found on the navigation on the bottom of your app.

How does Bill Pay work? 

Bill Pay allows you to pay all of your bills, outside of Direct Federal Credit Union, in one place. Your payments will be delivered electronically or by check depending on the recipient. You can schedule one-time or recurring payments.

My payee used to be paid electronically and now a check is being mailed. Why?

Your payee may not be in our new Bill Pay providers database. Our new Bill Pay provider will try to convert your payee to electronic after the first payment goes out as a check. In the meantime, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your payments go out as efficiently as possible. 

  • Confirm your account number and the payee's address from your most recent bill from the payee. 
  • If the address and account number match what is in the Bill Pay system for electronic payments, the system will automatically switch the payments to electronic. 
  • If the address and account number do not match, the payee will need to be updated.

I used to use Bill Pay and now it says I don’t have access.

Your email and mailing address must be on file within Online Banking. This information is available under Settings. If the information is missing, input your information in order to access Bill Pay. If you do that and still do not have access, please fill out this form and we will contact you within 48 hours.

How do I set up a new Payee in Bill Pay?  

Go to the Bill Pay widget and click on the “Manage Payees” tab. Then select “Add Payee”. You can add a Payee by searching your Payee within our database. If your payee is there, the information about the Payee will auto-fill. If it is not in our database, you can select “click here to create a Payee manually.” You will need to have your Payees information nearby including Name, Account Number, Email address, and Mailing Address.

Click here for a quick video on how to set up a Payee

How do I see what Bills I have being paid each month within Bill Pay?

On the “Payments” tab of the Bill Pay widget, you will see “Payment Activity”. There you will see what Bills are scheduled to be paid in the current month. By clicking “Next” or “Previous” you can see what is scheduled to be paid or has been paid in the previous month. If you need additional information about any payment such as the payment frequency or the check number, click on the individual payment to be brought to the payment details.

Alternatively, if you click on the “Manage Payees” tab within the Bill Pay widget and select an individual Payee you can view historical and scheduled payments for each Payee. Please note that payment history is only available from 2/1/21 and on. Please reference your past statements for payments prior to that.

Click here for a quick video on how to see Upcoming Payments

Why does it say it will take 10 days to send my Bill Payment?

The date that is displayed is the estimated delivery date of the check, not the date the payment is sent from your account. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the option for expedited payments is currently unavailable.

What is the difference between the current Bill Pay and your old one? It seems really different.

We realize and acknowledge that the look and feel of our new Bill Pay widget is very different and it may take some time to get used to. We are very excited about our new Bill Pay widget and some enhancements it provides.

  1. Our new bill pay provider actively tries to convert check recipients to electronic delivery for more efficient and timely delivery.
  2. Your account will not be debited until the payment has been either delivered electronically or until the check is cashed. This is now more in line with how Bills are traditionally paid and debited.
  3. The ability to tag groups of Payees together under one category. This allows for easy sorting and identification. For example, you could label Payees that you pay every single month as “Monthly Payee” and then you can sort and find all Payees with the label “Monthly Payee”.

How do I track the status of my Bill Payments?

The status of your payments is located under “Payment activity” within the “Payments” tab of the Bill Pay widget. Click on each individual payment to obtain details and the status of your payment.

Click here for a quick video on how to see Upcoming Payments

Why didn’t my payees carry over?

Some of our member’s payees did not carry over due to back-end processing issues. If you are one of these members, please reach out to us via the message center and we will transfer your payees as soon as possible.

Can I hide payees I do not use often?

Unfortunately, you are unable to hide payees. If you have a payee that you do not use or do not use often you can add a “z” in front of the payee nickname to add it to the bottom of the list. Alternatively, when setting up Payees, you can add “tags” to each payee. This will allow you to sort by tag. For example, for Payees you pay each month you could add the tag “Monthly Payment”. You will then be able to sort by all Payees with the tag “Monthly Payment”.

When will the money come out of my account for each Bill?

Your account will not be debited until the payment has been either delivered electronically or until the check is cashed.

Reminder will be sent at 60 days if the check remains undeposited. Should an undeposited check extend to 90 days, Bill Pay will automatically void the check and refund the money to the member’s account at no charge.

Why are my payees no longer in alphabetical order?

This has been updated and your payees will now appear in alphabetical order.






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